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AVID / Costa's Levels of Questioning; Binders; Cornell Notes; Costa's Levels of Questioning; Financial Aid/Scholarships; HSD Diploma Requirements; Map of Oregon Colleges and Universities; MLA Format; SAT Information; Setting Up Your Paper; Costa's Levels of Questioning. View Map 7445 NE Wagon Drive Hillsboro, OR 97124. 503.844.1250. [email protected] Follow Us. Back To ...

Costas Levels

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Costa’s Levels of Questioning What do young children do when they want to know something? Well, they ask A LOT of questions. What do people do in heaven? Where do babies come from? Will what happened to the dinosaurs happen to us? Why is water wet? We learn by asking questions. “What we get out of literature depends on the questions we ask ...

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Costa's Levels of Questioning: Social Studies Level 1 What information is given? What are you being asked to find? When did the event take place?

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Costa’s three levels of questioning involve different types of inquiry with Level One questions (for gathering information that can be found in the text), Level Two questions (for processing ...

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Costa’s Levels of Questioning and Student-Designed Assessments. By heather on September 19, 2009. So this week I introduced Costa’s Levels of Questioning to my students. We have some teachers on my site talking about these triggers of metacognition so it compliments everyone’s efforts to enter this discussion in the classroom.

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Overview of the Levels of Thinking: Level 1 - Readers can point to one correct answer right in the text. Level 2 - Readers infer answers from what the text implicitly states, finding answers in several places in the text. Level 3 - Readers think beyond what the text states. Answers are based on reader’s prior knowledge/experience and


COSTA’S Three Levels of Questioning LEVEL ONE: Gathering Level One questions cause students to recall information. This level of question causes students to input the data into short-term memory, but if they don’t use it in some meaningful way, they may soon forget. o Define - to set forth the meaning of


Costa’s’Levels’of’Questioning’! To!better!understand!the!content!being!presented!in!their!core!subject!areas,!it!is!essential!for!students!

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Apr 16, 2010 · Each student then creates ten questions that can be multiple-choice or short answers using Costa's Levels of Questions. I cull through the questions, pick the ones I like, and there you have it: a student-created assessment. Share with us ways you use Costa's Levels of …

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Costa's Levels Ouestioning Key words and Question Stems Level 3 predict classify criteria compose solution defend relationships judge function conclusion elaborate combine assess interpret hypothesize model theme improve propose defend opinion imagine …

Costa's Levels of Thinking and Questioning: to show LEVEL 1 What information is provided? Locate in the story where When did the event take place? • Point to the List the Name the Where did What is Who was/were Illustrate the part of the story that Make a map of What is the origin of the word

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Title: Costa’s Levels of Questioning 1 Costas Levels of Questioning. O.J. Actis Jr. High ; AVID; 2 Levels of Questioning. There are three levels of questions that we will use in AVID ; level 1 ; level 2 ; level 3 ; 3 Level 1 Questions. Level 1The answer can be found in the text. The question asks for facts about what has been heard or read.

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Level One- The Basement Level Two- The Ground Floor Level ... ... S-OF-QUESTIONING-WITH-PROMPTS-AND-TASKS-uph34h.pdf

Bloom's Taxonomy and Costa's Levels of Questioning Prompts and Tasksl Author: Jennifer Finney-Ellison Subject: Instruction Keywords: Bloom's, Costa's, Thinking, Levels, Questions, Tasks, Examples Created Date: 10/30/2012 11:36:12 AM

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Level 1 Level 2 analyzing comparing contrasting grouping inferring sequencing synthesizing Costa’s Levels of Intellectual Functioning Reading between the lines. Level 2 Level 3 applying a principle evaluating hypothesizing imagining judging predicting speculating Costa’s Levels of Intellectual Functioning Moving beyond the text.

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Costa's . Levels of Thinking . Flip Book . This is a tool designed to create a simple way to increase the levels of questions and thinking of students and teachers in classrooms. Usethe KEY WORDS as guides to structuring questions. Complete the QUESTIONS with content which is appropriate to the subject.

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Start studying Costa's Level 1 Questions. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Level 1 word. RECITE. to repeat given information Level 1 word. SELECT. to choose something Level 1 word. ANALYZE. to look at something carefully by attention to its parts Level 2 word. COMPARE. to examine and note the similarities or differences of Level 2 word. CONTRAST.

Costa’s Levels of Thinking and Questioning

Costa’s Levels of Thinking and Questioning Content-Specific Question Stems: English Language Arts Level 1 - What information is given? - Locate in the story where…